Apparel Screen Printing

We offer premium screen printing capabilities in a variety of ink finishes.

Ink Types

Plastisol Ink

The most economical and high quality ink choice for the widest variety of screen printed apparel.

Formulated to achieve superior opacity and color matching accuracy, plastisol inks are the most commonly used inks for screen printed apparel. Made of PVC with an oil base for flow and viscosity. Super durable and looks great on any color garment.

Water Based Inks

Water-based inks produce ultra soft prints and are the most eco-friendly inks available.

Water-based inks are used for a soft-to-the-hand feel. With the consistency of water and a translucent base, designing for these inks should be reserved for minimal detail and color printed on an organic fabric.

Discharge Ink

This process allows you to print bright colors on light or dark garments without sacrificing style or comfort.

We utilizes a range of water base inks, pigments & discharge agents that actually stain the garment, instead of sitting on top of the fabric. The result is a print that is almost as soft as the garment itself. 100% Cotton garments are required for this ink type, as a chemical reaction is used to remove the dye from the shirt where traditional inks would normally print a white under-basing. Due to the nature of this process, some variation in the color of your final print should be expected.

Print Locations

Standard Print Locations

  • Front / Chest

  • Back

  • Left Sleeve

  • Right Sleeve

  • Inside Label

  • Over the Zipper


Specialty Print Locations

  • Top or Bottom Run Off

  • Over the Collar

  • Side Prints

  • Pockets

Custom Pantone Color Matching

We can create a custom ink match any Pantone for your job using any of our ink types.

  • Plastisol

  • Water Based

  • Discharge

Maximum Print Sizes

Max dimensions are limited based on your image location and the garment sizes in your order. The standard printing press pallet can accommodate 14" wide by 16" tall and our jumbo pallets are 17" wide by 20" tall. 

Folding and Polybagging

We fold and seal your garment with a size label in clear poly bags so they are ready for retail. The final piece measures at 10x13”.

  • 1.5 Mil Crystal Clear Virgin Polypropylene

  • Meets All USDA and FDA standards

  • 100% Recyclable