Pick & Pack Pre-order Fulfillment Service

We can oversee and produce a pre-order for a “clothing drop”. This is a good way to test the market without committing to a set amount of inventory. Only make what you sell, and get paid up-front by your customers before you begin.

The process will involve a discussion on drop details, producing a sample/mock up, connecting your e-commerce store to our software, as well as shipping logistics. We shipped your garments folded with a poly bag, size label, as well as a packing slip/stickers or any other “blow ins” required. All orders ship out with your brands name, address, and logo on the postage label. This service has become very popular recently, and is perfect for people that do limited releases.

This services is charged by the unit + the cost of postage.

(We would not be responsible for any customer service for your customers, we simply, print and ship.)